Preservation has started!

If you’ve been to the Lazaretto grounds lately, you’ll have noticed the fence that now surrounds the building. This is a GOOD SIGN! Restoration and Preservation has begun on the building! With a completion goal in mind of late fall 2017, the LPATT has selected a contractor and finalized their plans.

We are in the process of pre-certifying all contractors and sub-contractors for their historical restoration experience per the LPATT board agreement with Preservation organizations.

Inside the building the contractor has done an environmental survey focusing on all the paints and finishes in the building. As many of the finishes were done under past environmental laws, there is the possibility of lead paint, asbestos and other hazards. Once the survey is complete, the contractor will have to make a plan for removal or covering them.

This is a huge step in the preservation and restoration of the Lazaretto and we’re so pleased that we can finally announce that construction has started.

Please remember that the fence is there for safety and do not attempt to enter the building or the fenced area.